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Why content is so important in SEO?

Why content is so important in SEO?

Why content is so important in SEO?

Creating optimized content allows you to obtain enhanced visibility, rankings, and traffic.

The combination of content and SEO could increase your search engine rankings to the top. This will only happen when these two are at their best. Because when they are at their worst, it will be a near impossible task to find your website on major search engines like Google.

This article tries to explain the crucial role of content in SEO and show you how you can create harmony between them.

We will focus on what content means, its role in SEO, and how you can create optimized content to improve your visibility on the search engines.

What is content?

Marketers have different definitions of content, so presenting a definition which is acceptable to all marketers would be almost impossible.

Actionable marketer Heidi Cohen defines content as high-quality, useful, and relevant information with the purpose of engaging users. This information can be presented in various formats such as text, images, video, and audio.

Cohen believes that online content is not always high quality and useful. There is a lot of bad content that does not convey any relevant information.

Derek Halpern has a similar but more simplified definition. Content is created in any form including audio, text, and video for different goals such as entertainment, enlightenment, and education.

Halpern like Cohen knows relevancy, usefulness, and needs of the target audience as the main features of content.

But what exactly does content do for SEO, and why is it necessary that these two works together in harmony?


Search engines do not share any information about their daily searches but it is reported that Google as one of the most prominent search engines processes over 6.7 billion searches per day.

Larry Page and Sergey Brin founded Google with the purpose of organizing information and making it accessible and useful universally.

Google’s algorithms are improving every day to offer you useful and relevant results in a fraction of a second. The useful and relevant results that Google tries to present are the pieces of content that are accessible through the web. The usefulness and relevancy of these pieces of content determine their ranking of them. It means your content will have SEO value if the users find it beneficial.


What should we do to make our content beneficial? Google have some recommendations for creating beneficial content:

Useful and informative: If you have content for a business, it should include information such as location, hours of operation, contact, and a blog to share upcoming events.

More valuable and useful than other websites: If you write about any subjects, you should try to present valuable information that was not presented by anyone before.

Credible: You need to show the credibility of your website by providing original research, citations, links, reviews and testimonials. Information like author biography or users’ reviews could help you to develop your reputation and improve your trustworthiness.

High-quality: The content of your website should be unique, relevant, and high quality. It should not be copied from other websites. Remember that in creating content, users’ needs are prior to your ranking in search results.

Engaging: Try to create a friendly environment for the users of your website. Add images of your products, staff, or yourself. Avoid using too many ads and make sure your website does not contain any spelling, stylistic, or factual errors. These things could distract your users. Provide regular updates and add comment boxes to your website to engage the users.

These elements will help you to increase the SEO value of your website.

Remember that creating meaningful content is not the only important factor in search engine optimization. There is a technical side that needs consideration.


How important is it to optimize content?

Optimized content is so important because without it you would have no place in search results.

As we mentioned before, it is important to understand that optimizing content depends on multiple factors.

Content creation is only one side of the story.

In the process of optimizing creation, you need to make sure your content is audience-centric and consider other elements mentioned before.

In this section, we focus on what audience-centric is and its difference from other types of content.

Focusing on what the audience wants to see or hear rather than what you want to present.

As it was mentioned before, creating useful and meaningful content is one side of optimization. The technical stuff is another side of it. It deals with factors such as keywords, meta titles, meta descriptions, and URLs.

In this section, we elaborate on these factors and explain how to actually create optimized content.


Creating optimized content

You need to follow a few steps for creating optimized content. These steps include:

  1. Do keyword research and choose your topic

Your main goal should be to create audience-centric content, but it is necessary to make sure that your content result will be visible on search engines.

There are a few things you need to consider when you choose keywords and topic:

Focus on long-tail keywords

Ignore highly competitive keywords with massive search numbers

Use an authentic keyword research tool

Your keyword should be matched to your topic


  1. Choose the best outline & format for optimal readability

Try to convert the main content into small chunks. Online readers prefer short text. They don’t like your website if it contains articles with long paragraphs. It makes them tired. So, choose paragraphs containing one or two sentences. It is alright if it contains three or four shorter sentences.

Use sub-headers or visuals every 150-300 words to break up the content into smaller parts.

Website engagement affects organic rankings. And if you want to increase engagement, you need to improve readability.


  1. Stay focused on your topic and target keyword

Do not ignore the importance of the topic and target keyword. When you write content, you need to stick to them from the start till the end.

Use several contents for your topics and avoid using too many keywords. It wastes your time and prevents you from creating the most useful and meaningful content on your topic.


  1. Use backlinks throughout your content

It is clear that search engines like Google knows credibility as one of the most important SEO factors. Linking to relevant, trustworthy, and authoritative sites can help you to make your website credible.

The words that you use for the link should be relevant to the site the user will be sent to.

Try to keep your links to six words or fewer.

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