What is the local SEO?

Local SEO is a search engine optimization strategy that improves business visibility in local search results on search engines such as Google, Bing, and Yahoo.

Most of people use search engines for finding products, services, or information in their local area. So Local SEO can be helpful for any business with a physical location or geographic area.  In the early days of the Internet, navigating a website was not so difficult because there were just a few websites. Once the internet developed, a lot of websites were created. So, users needed search engines to help them find websites more conveniently.

What are the benefits of local SEO?

  1. Reach more customers: When you have better visibility in the local search results, it means more people are interested to know about your business. So, they will visit your website, call you or decide to visit your business in person.
  2. Identify your target audience more accurately: Since SEO uses relevant keywords for marketing your business, it increases the chance of determining your target audience in an accurate way. This means users looking for services or products related to your business will find you and be directed to your website.
  3. Increase conversion rate: Local SEO will increase the number of people visiting your business website. So, more traffic could lead to more sales, subscriptions, and service inquiries.
  4. Enhance reputation: A positive reputation plays an important role in the growth of any business. Doing local SEO marketing can help you to create a positive, public profile.
  5. More visitors from map users: Optimizing your business website could cause improved visibility on search engine maps such as Google Maps. These maps are designed with the purpose of helping users to find local services. So, they can help you to get more calls and more in-person visitors.
  6. Reduce costs of marketing: Local SEO is a more cost-effective choice in comparison with other types of marketing. It is mostly free if you can do it yourself. If you do not anything about website coding skills and algorithms, you can hire an SEO service company to do that for you.
  7. Attract local customers: Most of the consumers who search for a local business visit a nearby store. So, the chance of attracting new customers for your small business will be increased, if you are being found in a local search results or Google Maps.
  8. Pull ahead of your competitors: Think of two companies presenting the same service or selling the same product in a particular locality. One uses local SEO marketing while the other continues to rely on traditional marketing. Which one do you think the customers will choose in this age of digital marketing? The companies that use proper SEO strategies will stay ahead of their competitors.
  9. Find customers who are ready to buy: Local SEO suggests you to the customers at the exact moment they are searching for a service that is related to your business. In this way, it makes them to much more likely to purchase or at least search for more information about your business.
  10. Reach lasting rankings: Unlike traditional marketing strategies, local SEO will have a long-lasting impact on your business. There is no guarantee, but as long as you take all the actions needed for visibility in the local search results, you will achieve long-lasting search engine rankings.


How does local SEO work?

To enhance your local search visibility, you should carry out a series of marketing activities regularly.

Creation of useful content

Creating high-quality and relevant content plays a crucial role in local SEO. Your content can be in form of blog posts, videos, photos, animations, and more. You should identify your target audience and create content based on their desires.

Use the internal link on your website

An internal link is any link from one page on your website to another page on your website. They are both used by users and search engines to find content on your website. Your users use links to navigate through your site and to find the content they want to find. Search engines also use links to navigate your site. Internal links help search engines to better understand your website and enhance the visibility of your website in local search results.

Use the precise and consistent local citation

Local citations are information such as business name, address, phone number, email address and social media that are mentioned online. This information should be correct and used consistently. Accuracy and consistency will help search engines trust your data.

List your business in the web directory

Your business should be listed in major search engines and local web directories such as Google My Business, Yelp, Bing Places for Business, Yahoo Business Listing, and Yelp. This will help search engines validate your business and data.

Respond to reviews

Reviews are a key local search ranking factor and make a great contribution to local SEO success. Getting more reviews will lead to earning more visibility in local searches. Responding to customer reviews regardless of whether they are positive or negative. This shows that their opinions are important for you and can be a key factor in enhancing your local search rank.

Include your location on your website

Using local keywords in your website can have a major effect on your visibility in the local search results. Adding a business identifier like “developer in Los Angeles, California “to your website content allows the search engines to know about the type and location of your business. This means when a user search for “developer near me” you are more likely to be found.

Mobile Responsiveness

A responsive website is one with a layout that adjusts to the screen based on the device it’s viewed from. The content on the page automatically changes to fit the difference in screen size. The elements on the page are flexible.

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