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What is google helpful content?

What is google helpful content?

Have you heard about google’s helpful content? Google aim is to enhance its motor engine by updating several algorithms.

The main reason behind the recent efforts for updating is to connect users in the network to helpful information.

Therefore, helpful content update is going to be part google this great effort to give people original and informative data.

It worth mentioning Google’s new update allows digital marketers to improve customer experiences.

After updating search engine of google, the new algorithm offers new tools for marketing.

But, as we see in the digital marketing industry, some people do not take the useful updates as important as they care about other things in marketing.

Therefore, the important question is why some marketers ignore the importance of helpful content update?

The answer is with the many updates that google had in recent years, the importance of this update, in improving user experience in digital world, is not yet completely understood.

But indeed, helpful content is one of the best updates common people that gives a better user experience. On the other hand, it can provide powerful signals for digital marketers.

What does helpful content update do?

This update is considered as an algorithm to provide ranking signal. Helpful content update can evaluate site pages to check whether they follow Google’s core search guideline or just want to manipulate search engine results.

It includes analyzing contents and substantial descriptions. After evaluation, the contents that are intended to influence Google’s search engine by over optimization will rank lower.

At the first look, it seems to be like a black hat SEO prevention update. But by having more insightful view, googles’ helpful content update is different.

What’s happening?

Google is launching helpful content update to improve its search engine. It provides a unique opportunity for evaluating level of customers’ content. The process of evaluating user content begins with the start of user search in google.

HCU is not for key word stuffing or what appears in metadata and headings.

Note: HCU is a short term for helpful content update in many articles.

It is for contents that are trying to allude readers with the response that is not a great answer for readers’ query.

Another important note to mention is that recently some website owners have become too focused on changes in googles’ algorithms. It is not a good strategy to concentrate on googles’ updates more than users’ needs.

It worth mentioning as you know google continuously has updates and improvements that many of them are not announced. As a simple example, panda was one of 500 hundred improvements that you may never heard about any of them.

Helpful content update and SEO

It is a matter of question whether HCU is a part of SEO or acts differently.

What we know is that HCU is just part of great effort to bring balance to search engine query. For example, a part of this effort is suggesting marketers to include pros and cons of their products. This information will appear in query results. Also, it offers rich results tests in search engine to verify its recognition.

We can consider HCU as an update to improve offering high quality content and provide a balance for user expectations. It also seems to be an end to a series of changes in algorithms.

Choosing the name of this new update as helpful content update is quite different with the name of previous algorithm changes like pigeon, panda and hummingbird. because, for example pigeon is just a bird and do not reflect the inherent properties of an algorithm. But, HCU clearly tells us the inherent activity and the main aim for running new update.


For sure today, google search engine works much better in understanding intent of webpage elements with implementing techniques with a higher level of sophistication.

Helpful content update and signaling

As mentioned above, HCU is for focusing on providing natural content for users rather than creating a page with focusing on syntax. It is a new step for signaling to make a considerable change.

Instead of having many minor changes to improve user experience, it aims to have a great impact on quality of contents. Hence, HCU can rebalance expectations.

Today, Google is trying to make a better ecosystem and is going to offer a better user experience comparing with the infancy of its algorithms in the search engine.

Content providers have to consider a different strategy when creating new contents. This consideration will appear in reporting adjustment to googles’ tools including google search console and google analytics 4.

Therefore, content creating needs to be a part of standard marketing activity. Today, it has become more measurable to have a helpful attribution.

It worth mentioning by emerging new platforms that try to alter user experience, like amazon that is a platform for users with a product in their mind, or Alexa to ask for a service in nearby, google needs to be more intelligent.

 HCU for guidance and inspirations

Users who turn to google have a variety of purposes. Some of them are customers or buyers who are looking for something to purchase.

Others are not customers; they are looking for the facts. For this reason, they want results that are sound and factual. In other word, many people in digital world are looking for a content that is for guidance, inspiration, or advice.

Helpful content update helps google to understand user purposes. It prevents bad content creation by increasing google awareness.

It is important to note that misinformation in the past several years played an important role in misguiding people. It is even considered as a main reason for having several cultural issues. Therefore, it is necessary to address several concerns.

Right information is not just important for solving cultural issues, it’s very important even for political events.

So, google has to return accurate information, it’s something more than search engine optimization technics as we had it in the past.

Helpful content update and YouTube

YouTube is the second largest search engine for video streaming. It’s right behind google search engine. But, the important note is that HCU is going to have an impact on YouTube as well.

As we know, the considerations for video optimization is different with webpage content optimization. So, we need different mechanisms. But, the mind behind helpful page update is going to be adopted for this platform as well.

Fortunately, it is being implemented and needs further enhancements.

Today, Google offers a page for sharing updated information. Also, it gives a tool to see if the update has an impact on your site.

Therefore, digital marketers require to use it as their moving to transition UA to GA4.

The aim of this tools is to help marketers and managers to learn how to improve the contents to become more user oriented and have a better digital presentation for right information.

What marketers should do

In one word, they need to adapt to this new changes and do what is in their power to provide helpful contents for their customers and all the users in the digital world.

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