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Hi, I’m Ali Pir
a SEM Specialist

Search Marketing Specialist with a demonstrated history of working in the marketing and advertising industry. Developing and implementing Search Engine Optimization and Pay-Per-Click strategies.

Ali Pir / SEO, SEM Specialist / Ads&Marketing Performance Consultant

What I Do


As an SEO specialist, I'll identify strategies, techniques and tactics to increase the number of visitors to a website and obtain a high-ranking placement on the results page of search engines. By generating more leads for the business I'll open up new opportunities for driving growth and profit.


I am responsible for designing, building, and managing paid search advertising campaigns for client organizations. This process includes keyword targeting and bidding, audience targeting customization, ad copywriting and ad design, offer creation, and landing page design.

Digital Marketing

I am responsible for helping maintain a brand by working on marketing campaigns. My duties include performing market research, strategizing with other marketing professionals and creating content to aid in the success of marketing campaigns.

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Bonmano Group

Abouzar Aminaei


Search Engine Optimization

Mar 4, 2019- Aug 30, 2020

Our organic traffic has increased and our keywords have reached first in Google since we’ve worked on our site with Alireza. I have had a great experience with Him, and would definitely recommend it to anyone looking to get good quality SEO work done.

Arian Motors

Abraham Hodjatzadeh

Marketing Manager


Mar 4, 2019- Aug 30, 2021

Alireza is a knowledgeable person in online marketing especially when it comes to SEO and email marketing. I always get fascinated by his updated knowledge and surprised by his creative hints and tips to optimize and improve the online assets. Last but not least he's extremely passionate about his job which cultivates a pleasant work atmosphere and makes it more and more joyful along the accomplishments of the project.


Dr. Pooria Jourghanian



Upwork - Mar 4, 2016 - Aug 30, 2021

Good morals along with expertise in work make working with Alireza a good feeling you will always remember.

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SEO, SEM Specialist / Ads & Marketing Performance Consultant

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